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1. Start your own instance now:

Click the following link and create your own NMS Prime instance!

Your instance will be created and you will receive an email containing your login credentials within the next five minutes.

2. Receive your credentials via E-Mail

You will receive an email like this one for example:

3. Get your credentials from the nmsprime.zip in the attachment

The zip file is password protected with the password you entered while creating the instance.

Inside of it you will find the following files:

credentials.txtContains your HTTPS access passwords
key-for-nmsprime_YYYmmddHHiissContains your private key for Login via SSH

Contains your public key. This could be used to deploy SSH key towards other Hosts (not required)

4. Login

Open your login link in the credentials E-Mail, like



Follow up on Login.

If you later need to login via SSH, please read Login via SSH for Cloud Installation.

Note: Please store your login data in an appropriate and save way. By now, there is no possibility to regain lost information.

Getting CM online with VM in about 30 min

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