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Currently ISC DHCP is used to hand out IPv4 adresses and KEA DHCP is used to hand out IPv6 adresses.

Installation is done in via

Install ISC's DHCP and Kea DHCP
# install ISC-DHCPD and ISC-KEA-DHCP
yum install dhcpd kea

# copy default config
cp /var/www/nmsprime/modules/ProvBase/Install/files/dhcpd.conf /etc/dhcp/
cp /var/www/nmsprime/modules/ProvBase/Install/files/dhcpd6-nmsprime.conf /etc/kea/dhcp6-nmsprime.conf

# create folders
mkdir -p /etc/dhcp-nmsprime/cmts_gws

# permissions
chown -R apache /etc/dhcp-nmsprime/ /etc/kea/
chmod o+rx /etc/dhcp-nmsprime/

# nms prime: create dhcp server config
php artisan nms:dhcp

# start
systemctl start dhcpd
systemctl start kea-dhcp6
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