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Currently providing customer devices with IPv6 addresses is only supported for CPEs (Router). In our opinion it's not desired to hand out IPv6 adresses to cable modems and MTAs as they don't need to be reachable from the internet and it's even more unsecure. Also it's currently only implemented for DOCSIS part, but it will be integrated for all other infrastructures (DSL, FTTH, ...) soon.

To provide your customers with an IPv6 address you need to do the following steps.

1. TODOs

  1. Add IPv6 pool
  2. Configure NMSPrime server
  3. Configure CMTS
  4. Add mandatory DOCSIS configfile parameters

1.1. Example: Add IPv6 pool

See Demo system - IP pools

1.2. Configure NMSPrime server

As the provisioning server doesn't need to be publicly available via IPv6 we recommend to use private addresses fd00::/8 for the management interfaces. This makes the DHCP server only public to the internal network. So connect to the server via SSH and execute following commands. Of course you can deviate from this proposal.

ip -6 a add fd00::1/64 dev eth0
echo "IPV6ADDR=FD00::1/64" >> /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

firewall-cmd --add-service=dhcpv6 --zone=public
firewall-cmd --runtime-to-permanent

1.3. Configure CMTS

Enable IPv6 on CMTS, add cable helper address and establish connectivity via Gigabit interface.

# Enable IPv6 globally
ipv6 unicast-routing
no ipv6 source-route

# Configure Ethernet interface with private IPv6
interface GigabitEthernet0/1
 ipv6 enable
 ipv6 address fd00::2/64

# Configure Bundle interface
interface Bundle1
 no cable nd
 cable ipv6 source-verify dhcp
 ipv6 address fd01::1/64
 ipv6 enable
 ipv6 nd prefix default no-advertise

 # force DHCPv6 operation behind the CMTS
 ipv6 nd managed-config-flag
 ipv6 nd other-config-flag

 ipv6 nd ra interval 5
 ipv6 nd ra lifetime 120
 ipv6 dhcp relay destination fd00::1

# Add rate limit for lease queries
cable ipv6 source-verify leasequery-filter downstream 3 5
interface Bundle1
 cable ipv6 source-verify leasequery-filter upstream 3 5

# Optional: Add default route for internet connection
ipv6 route ::/0 fd00::1

1.4. Enable DHCPv6 via DOCSIS configfile

Enable the eRouter of the Cable Modem to do DHCPv6 via

 InitializationMode 3; /* Initialization Mode 0: Disabled, 1: IPv4, 2: IPv6, 3: Dual */

See Demo system - IPv6 configfile

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