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OS BoxProvider is an all-in-one network management and billing application for small community networks. In the first instance it is developed for everyhuman.online. It is able to manage multiple routers, repeaters and the backbone receiver. It comes with an easy to use interface for accounting and an access management terminal.

Package name: os_boxprovider



FeatureStateDetailsStageProgressStart here..
Access management terminal(uu)

For a vendor at a wifi hotspot to grant access without digital payment:

  • Define an amount of data and if wanted a recurring a time period
  • Indication how it was paid
  • get an access key which can be sold
    • user which uses the key gets a display message of the normal tariffs and the opportunity to report abuse


For a user at a wifi hotspot to get access via mobile payment:

  • Define an amount of data and if wanted a recurring a time period (no MVP)
  • transparent display of how much data has already been consumed
  • transparent display of current speed and possible speed
  • not used data is "stored"
  • auto adding to contracts / modems / contracts

    consider extra DB table for easier handling?


Network Management Terminal(uu)
  • Clean overview of all hardware devices and their utilization. 
  • Self-healing systems
  • if critical error occurs, easy pictured advice how to solve
Back-end Billing(uu)

One Tariff strategy only: 1GB for 1$ (approval required)

Payment Gateways

  • stripe (includes: payment gateways – including paypal)
  • mercado pago (Latin market)
  • M-PESA (African market)



  • Blockchain based / highly secured billing process with automated fill-up of "satellite debt"
  • tariffs are hard-set by EHO


required: Multi-tenancy



Required Linux Services:

Additional info

See private spaces:

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