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Prime Billing is the package which takes care of the entire billing process.

Pro hint: It is best used in combination with Prime Overdue to manage dunning letters as well.

Package name: billingbase

Forum: Billing general


FeatureStateDetailsStart here..
Product tariffs(//)

configurable products/tariffs (e.g. Internet, VoIP, TV)

Add Product


items: a customer can purchase as many items as wished

Add Item


SEPA mandate: each customer can have one (or more) SEPA mandates, for automatic settlement run

Add a SEPA Account

Settlement run(//)

settlement run: automated billing:

  • SEPA XML for bank direct debit
  • invoice-, booking-, files
  • Invoices per customer
  • Phone billing (if OS VoIP is installed)
Settlement Run


Interface to financial accounting

(see invoice- and booking-files)

Financial Accounting Interface

Company management(//)

company settings:

  • generic company settings
  • companies SEPA accounts
  • cost center, for later analysis
Add a Company


invoice and generic letter formatting (done with LaTeX)

Invoice Templates

A Prime Customer Control for direct login of customers to get his invoices and CDRs

Prime Customer Control

(uu)generic document traySee #678


Required Linux Services:

See Database Model

Additional info

Example: Adding a contract with an internet flat

Example: Create an internet item

Example: Adding products and SEPA data

Deutsch: Schulung Billing:

Vom Produkt zum Abrechnungslauf

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