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Prime High Availability is the core package for the entire HA-, Failover- and Load-Balancing process in NMS PRIME. It will enable you to run all Applications with several million devices in a highly secure, redundant, and tested manner. For this purpose, we try to stick as close as possible to default Linux and open-source standards.

Pro hint: It is best used with a lot of excellent Linux IT guys, devops, engineers and assisted in a close fashion with our team.

Package name: nmsprime-provha

Forum: General


FeatureStateDetailsStart here..

General Linux Service

(//)SQL cluster via MariaDBHigh Availability Installation
(//)Apache cluster
(//)Filesystem cluster

OS Provisioning

OS VoIP Provisioning

(//)OS Provisioning / OS VoIP Provisioning and HAHigh Availability Installation
(//)ISC-DHCP Failover and HA
(//)TFTP Failover and HA
(//)Time Failover and HA
(//)DNS and BIND failover and HA
(//)CMTS, OLT, DSLAM usage in HA scenario

Prime Monitoring

(//)Prime Monitoring itself via ApacheHigh Availability Installation
(//)Cacti in HA

Prime Detect(//)Icinga in HA


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