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Prime VoIP Envia: envia TEL is a german tier-1 operator with a large backbone network, providing a backbone API based VoIP service. Prime VoIP Envia is the official API towards envia TEL for ISP's. It is highly used from many operators.

Pro hint: It is best used in combination with Prime VoIP Monitoring.

Package name: nmsprime-provvoipenvia

Forum: General


FeatureStateDetailsStart here..

Contract Management


Adding, Changing and Cancel of envia TEL Contracts and Orders


Adding new Phone numbers


Porting a phone number from an existing carrier to envia TEL


Phone accurate billing process, based on CDRs (if Prime Billing is installed)

Phone Management(//)automated porting of VoIP numbersPorting a Number from another VoIP carrier

(//)requesting a new phonenumberRequesting a new Phonenumber

(//)changing and canceling of phonenumbersChanging/Canceling a Phonenumber

Billing / CDR import(//)CDR import of all calls

(//)automated billing of CDR datasConnection to Billing
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