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Version 3.1.0 (soon)

  • speed and scalabilities improvements
  • vicinity graph added for non-remote controllable amplifiers
  • D3.1 monitoring
  • colorization of non-docsis devices on topography
  • Cacti → Grafana for modems / CPEs diagrams
  • php 7.3 -> php8 (including cacti, icinga director + deps updates, ioncube → sourceguardian for prime apps)
  • genieacs update
  • openlayer replaced by leaflet everywhere

Version 3.0.0 (2021-03-16)

There are breaking changes to the API v0. Please check out our API documentation!

  • IPv6 provisioning of cable modems
  • bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Update to PHP 7.3 and Laravel 6.0
  • user defined logos
  • unified API response

The following features are only available with the enterprise version! Have a look at our news page.

Version 2.5.4 (2020-04-29)

  • Performance improvement - reduce page load
  • Also consider TV item for determination of contracts end of term - with lowest priority (see Products)
  • don't require to upload/select the appropriate CVC (code verification certificate) when selecting a modem firmware (automatically generated from now on)
  • display modem picture in analysis view
  • Spectrum: start & stop frequency are now configurable
  • PPPoE: show current and last sessions, RADIUS attributes and traffic throughput diagram in analysis
  • PPPoE: add option to allocate random vs. static IP addresses, additionally add possibility to set static IP addresses via endpoints
  • remove import functionality, as it it was not working properly for models with dependencies to other models
  • bug fixes
  • git only: you need to run "git pull && git submodule update --init --recursive" instead of "git pull" in order to retrieve and update external dependencies from now on
  • manual intervention might be required during update, see: https://devel.roetzer-engineering.com/confluence/x/8wbTAw

Version 2.5.3 (2020-01-24)

  • fix installation bug

Version 2.5.2 (2020-01-16)

  • Fix database issues (Create Contract failed on fresh installations)

Version 2.5.1 (2020-01-14)

  • Fix installation bug
  • Strengthen modem spectrum measurement

Version 2.5.0 (2019-12-22)

git commit:  0fe59ac5

  • Add FTTH Support, see FTTH internal coding implementation
    • Add TR-69 via GenieACS
    • Add RADIUS Protocol via FreeRADIUS (used for PPPoE)
    • Rename CMTS to NetGw (Network Gateway) and
      introduce BRAS
  • Introduce new module Prime Property
  • Introduce new module Prime Overdue for open payments – called 'debts'

  • Separate dashboard to module specific dashboards + 1 global dashboard (including speed improvements)
  • Remove page reload for tabs only containing relation panels
  • ProvVoipEnvia translated into german
  • Cacti performance boost - reduce server load on collecting data and creating modem diagrams by using an asynchronous script, written in C language (Package modempoller-nmsprime) - now monitoring of over 50k modems can be achieved easily
  • multiple performance improvements e.g. page load of contract or topography (GUI), Settlementrun
  • Upgrade Laravel  framework to version 5.5 (LTS)
  • Configfiles can be exported and imported
  • Warn if the a cable modem is not running with the most recent configfile
  • Autogenerated CPE hostname are only based on the CPE MAC address from now, not the MAC addresses of both CM and CPE
  • Getting the spectrum from a cable modem is much more reliable now (see: Modem RF spectrum measurement)
  • Introduce a speedtest in the Customer Control Center
  • Default values can be supplied in a configfile (syntax: {{phonenumber.active.1},?,2})
  • Add a modem diagram showing the bytes down- and uploaded
  • Allow adding reverse DNS entries for endpoints
  • Several smaller changes and bugfixes
  • Modem address can be added to invoice
  • Translate ProvVoipEnvia parts into german

There are breaking changes to billing related LaTeX templates. In case you don't use the default templates please check Upgrade Guides for details…


  • execute php /var/www/nmsprime/artisan nms:cpe after you have successfully merged /etc/named-ddns.sh with /etc/named-ddns.sh.rpmnew
  • HFC controlling: SNMP communities are now taken from Global Configuration→HFC (not Provisioning anymore)

Version 2.4.4  (2019-03-25)

There are breaking changes to invoice TeX template, in case you dont use the default-invoice-template.tex ... please look into Upgrade Guides to see what changes

  • notificate assigned users by email on changes of a ticket
  • Bugfix: Internet access flag on modem can now safely be used to disable internet access again - only exception: AVM FritzBox with an assigned MTA
  • a lot of small fixes

Version 2.4.3  (2019-01-07)

  • Notificate User for Password change on first login or after time interval
  • Show frequency spectrum (150-862 MHz) on modem analyses page when modem is capable of  doing it
  • API extension: get modem status, restart modem/mta
  • a lot of small fixes

Version 2.4.2  (2018-11-19)

  • AGC (Automatic Gain Control) is now activated for each Cluster Netelement separately - is deactived as default
  • Add minimum maturity/runtime for products (Internet and Voip)
  • Add feature to concatenate invoices for postal delivery (it's necessary to specifiy product IDs in configfile)
  • A lot of small fixes (tabs, ...) and added translations

Version 2.4.1  (2018-10-30)

  • Bugfixes
  • Item index view (table)
  • auto-fill MTA mac address when adding a new MTA

Version 2.4     (2018-10-08)

There are breaking changes to Authorization, please look into the Upgrade Guide v2.4 to see how it affects your installation of NMS Prime


  • migration: globally use InnoDB (instead of MyISAM) as MySQL engine
  • netuser import improvments
  • many small improvements and fixes
  • Slight changes in Route generation. (edit pages do not contain /edit anymore)

  • If updating via GIT (not RPM), update /etc/httpd/conf.d/nmsprime-ccc.conf → use /var/www/nmsprime/get_config_diff.sh to show differences

Version 2.3 - 2018 Jul 3

Version 2.2 – 2018 April 9


Version 2.1 – 2018 March 7


Version 2.0 – 2017 Dez 19


Search stuff by yourself

# show all commits from now until version 2.3.0
git shortlog 2.3.0..HEAD

# show all merges (merged pull requests) from now until version 2.3.0
git shortlog 2.3.0..HEAD | grep Merge

# NOTE: just fetch the pull request number (#123) and copy to URL: https://github.com/nmsprime/nmsprime/pull/123 to checkout whats happens here


# show numbers of commits
git shortlog 2.3.0..HEAD | wc -l

# show number of changed files and insertions / deletions
git diff --shortstat 2.3.0..HEAD

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