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Contract number __________/__________


Between the parties


Rötzer Engineering GmbH

Dörfelstr. 7

09496 Marienberg


called RE in the following








called PARTNER in the following

 will be concluded the following contract.


We love and live free Software! With this contract you support OPEN Source. We want to thank you!

2. Content of the contract

RE brings the services specified in this contract in the network of PARTNER.


3. Services


3.1. Configuration & maintenance


Configuration & maintenance of the total system.

This includes the configuration & maintenance of:

  • all servers an all NMS Prime modules
  • terminals (configfiles & firmware)
  • QoS-, CMTS-, IP-Pools (in NMS Prime)
  • All needed services like DHCP, DNS, TFTP, Time etc.

  • Customized software-customizations like
    • Billing/company data
    • SEPA configuration
    • Products
    • Cost center
    • Connection information/accounting design
  • Database maintenance
  • Security services (SSL certificate, administration of access rights)


3.2. Update management

  • Updates operating system on latest software (if necessary with verified stall reboot after consultation)
  • Updates NMS on current status


3.3. Monitoring

  • Monitoring of all network components in a five-minute cycle and automatic notification in case of an error by app and/or email according to defined employee groups e.g. administrator and HF/optics technician


A)      External monitoring

From Rötzer Engineering – Ipv4:,,


The external monitoring is used to check all critical system components and to monitor your local NMS Prime instance:


  • NMS Prime Server (including Nagios Instance Check up)
  • NAT Server
  • Core-Router/Core-Routing-adresses

Your local NMS Prime instance monitors your network internally. The external check makes sure if your internal NMS Prime monitoring is working and thus serves as an external cross-check.


B)      Internal monitoring


Monitoring of all network-relevant services:

  • DHCP
  • TFTP
  • DNS
  • Time
  • SSH

Monitoring of the server:

  • Hard drive space/SAS/RAID
  • Cache (RAM)/SWAP
  •  My SQL
  • Load/Last
  • Number of processes
  • Number of active users
  • Updates available
  • NAT function and numbers of entries



  • Router according to defined rules
  • CMTS
    • Cisco Power Supply/Fans
    • SNR
    • Number CMs …
  • All network elements (e.g. manageable Nodes, amplifier and cluster)
  • Modem balls

For the currently fully supported list of monitored components and services – see SLA-Contract (english)

3.4. Backup

  • Daily backup of the provisioning server (data of the management system & connection data)
  • Weekly backup of the complete system


3.5. CMTS

(if CMTS referred to Rötzer Engineering GmbH)

  • Configuration
  • Firmware updates


3.6. Additional services


  • Help with the documentation of network activities in case of legal requirements or against the BnetzA
  • Hotline support for employees to following topics

Troubleshooting (CMTS, HF, terminal, VoIP)      

4. Filtering – contact & response times

 1. PARTNER will contact any management system errors immediately after they have been noticed:

Mail: support@roetzer-                       Ticket-System:                                                 Tel.: 03735 /

engineering.com                                    https://nmsprime.com/ticket                   9387570


 2. In case, that RE needs data for maintenance and troubleshooting the system from PARTNER, he will provide the data as soon as possible.


 3. As far as RE needs the assistance of PARTNER for troubleshooting the system, it is obliged to entrust sufficient employees with the participation in the troubleshooting. This applies in particular

     to the network quality of the TV cable network, the availability of the CMTS as well as the functionality of the hardware of the server.



Reaction time

Complete system failure


workhours: immediately, Outside: less 2h

Warnings, some failures, critical updates


less 3 workdays (typical: same workday)

normal questions, updates, configuration smart fixes


less 2 weeks (typical: less 3 workdays)


Workhours: 9am to 6pm – Mo to Fr


5. Payment

The mentioned services above are paid on a monthly basis based on the number of modems/TV billing customers/CMTS and number of managed network elements as follows:




TV Billing


Network elements

net price

incl. Support hours


< 100




149 €







350 €







490 €







740 €







990 €







on demand



A monthly limit of support hours is agreed – see table. If these are used up, RE will inform the PARTNER and perform further services in the current month only after confirmation by PARTNER.

Excluded are services under the warranty. These additional hours are to be paid with 78€ net price.


Billing takes place either:

A)      By monthly direct debit


Bank:            _________________________________________________


IBAN:            _________________________________________________


BIC:                __________________________________________________


Usage:          Rötzer Engineering – SLA - _____________________ (contract number)


B)      Or by invoice (additional costs 10€ per month in accounting)



(Please tick/delete as appropriate)

6. Term of contract and cancellation

  1. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period and can be terminated by both parties in writing by giving a six week notice to the end of a quarter.
  2. The right of cancellation for important reason remains open for the parties.
  3. RE has an important reason for terminating this contract in particular, if PARTNER violates its obligations or does not compensate for invoices due despite a reminder and deadline.
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