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Hi Friends,

Hope you are fine, I am new here.

I have Huawei 5608t olt and mikrotik ccr-1036 as core router,

can anyone guide me about steps to integrate huawei GPON olt with nmsprime.

Dose nmsprime support Mikrotik..??

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  1. Hi,

    having both 5608t OLT and Mikrotik ccr-1036 as core router is sufficient to get your ONTs running with NMS Prime. The procedure is as follows:

    1. Configure your OLT such that new ONTs are automatically discovered.
    2. Assign a default (i.e. maximum) data rate to your ONTs via the OLT. Some OLTs allow assigning default profiles to new/unknown ONTs.

    This way the ONT would have the maximum data rate, possibly more than the user has subscribed. That is why we use PPPoE to limit the data rate of the customers. Your Mikrotik router will take care of this using a PPPoE session with the ONT. The PPPoE credentials and other setting, such as telephony or SSID names and passwords can either be configured manually or via TR-069. If an ONT tries to set-up such an PPPoE session, its credentials will be forwarded by the router to NMS Prime using the RADIUS protocol. If the credentials are known to NMS Prime, we will tell the router the subscribed data rate and assign an IP address.

    This way we need to interact with the OLT as little as possible and everything can be handled within NMS Prime.

  2. Do you have steps to setup the Mikrotik router to accept and communicate with NMS Prime. I have not yet deployed NMS Prime so it may be obvious after installing.

  3. Hi,

    to add the router in NMS Prime please follow: https://devel.nmsprime.com/confluence/display/NMS/Add+a+BRAS
    Please remember the secret you set there.

    Secondly you need to open the firewall, such that the router is allowed to communicate RADIUS to NMS Prime, e.g.

    firewall-cmd --add-source=<ROUTER_IP_ADDRESS> --zone=nmsprime
    firewall-cmd --runtime-to-permanent

    To configure the MikroTik router you may follow the instructions in the following video if you are not sure how to do that (06:15 until 07:57): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUmyOYiH7B0&t=375s

    In this case the Address of the New Radius Server would be the IP address of NMS Prime. The secret is the one you remembered from the previous step. That should be it.