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Hi guys

1st of all well done with nmsprime. For the past year i have tried almost every nms until about a week ago then i saw nmsprime.

tr069 and radius in 1 package everything a wisp needs.

To my question.

I'm not a programmer but have some basic knowledge of php ,html. I'v read the docs watched some tube. I setup homestead/laravel no problems

Can run laravel new blog, access the new site. My problem is how do i add the newly created code. Is there some where i can look that will have

a more clearer example. Im trying so create config for mikrotik router and edit the rad attributes . Like change the Xrate limit to Mikrotik-Rate-Limit

which gives you the burst option and min and max bw. Any help would be greatly appreciated 

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  1. Hi,

    please have a look at RadGroupReply.php#L18 for the attributes we are currently handing out. This should already be compatible with MikroTik. We are using Ascend-Data-Rate and Ascend-Xmit-Rate as we don't store any info about the burst rate in our database anyway. How would you determine the burst rate? Is it a percentage of the maximum datarate?

    The above linked attributes are applied in Qos.php#L96. You should be able to hack into it there.



  2. aj

    OK so normally I would double the max limit and  calculate it over a period of 32 seconds. Also its important to have a minimum limit ( reserve limit) because of the following.

    The hierarchy token bucket is responsible for handing out the tokens (queues). So you would have a parent queue ( master queue) and child queues underneath it

    would look something like this

    ----------    100mb up / 100 mb down  ←master/parent queue

    |                                                max limit                                                burst                                                                                 minimum limit 

    |-------- 30mb up / 30mb down ; burst 55mb up/50mb down; threshhold 5mb up/7 down  ; time 32s/32s ; min limit 2mb up / 2 mb down ; priority 4 ←- child/parent queue

    |           |

    |           |--------  5m/5m 9m/9m 3m/3m 32/32 4m/4m p1 <--- child

    |---------- 90m/90m 100m/100m 50m/50m 32/32  20m/20m p8  ←child

    So your upstream provider supplies you with 100mb -your max throughput . in the above example will always get max throughput

    If there is not 5mb then it reverts to the min limit because it has a priority of 1 and the parent a priority of 4 the router will always satisfy its queue and then move on according to priority.

    This is to prevent token bucket handing out bandwidth that is not available. If you have a contention ratio  of 20:1 you are in essence handing out 2gig but if you

    dont set a min limit the router will assume you have 2gig available then as soon as you hit 100mb your up stream start dropping packets and you want to be the one

    dropping packets to regulate the traffic. So the total min limit of all the queues should never exceed your max limit otherwise the whole queue system becomes obsolete 

    Thats  just my 2 cents. Would be great to utilise the routers full capacity with Prime. That would make it perfect