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composedTitleUsing the VoIP envia TEL API with nms prime
keywordsnms prime voip, voice over ip enviatel api
titleUsing the VoIP envia TEL API with nms prime

This page give an overview for the features provided by the envia TEL api used by nms prime.

Prime VoIP Envia: envia TEL is a german tier-1 operator with a large backbone network, providing a backbone API based VoIP service. Prime VoIP Envia is the official API towards envia TEL for ISP's. It is highly used from many operators.

Pro hint: It is best used in combination with Prime VoIP Monitoring.

Package name: nmsprime-provvoipenvia

Forum: General


FeatureStateDetailsStart here..

Contract Management


Adding, Changing and Cancel of Envia envia TEL Contracts and Orders


Adding new Phone numbers


Porting a phone number from an existing carrier to EnviaTelenvia TEL


Phone accurate billing process, based on CDRs (if Prime Billing is installed)

Phone Management(//)automated porting of VoIP numbersPorting a Number from another VoIP carrier

(//)requesting a new phonenumberRequesting a new Phonenumber

(//)changing and canceling of phonenumbersChanging/Canceling a Phonenumber

Billing / CDR import(//)CDR import of all calls

(//)automated billing of CDR datasConnection to Billing

Additional info

Porting a Number from another VoIP carrier

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