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Hello everyone, i just start with a trial of nms prime but when i try to use cacti i get stuck into the pre-installation checks section, there are several warnings and recomendations but the one that is labeled as error is:

PHP - Recommendations (cli)

>=ErrorA valid timezone that matches MySQL and the system

and into the mysql section there are various warnings too, i know how to solve this into a local server but with this cloud based trial i don't know what to do.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Thank you for informing us about this.

    I made a quick fix on your virtual machine so that you are able to configure and use cacti now.

    I am gonna inspect the baseinstall of our virtual machines next, so that cacti will be already pre-configured when someone creates a new machine.

  2. Thanks for the support Robin, now i can get inside cacti but i notice that the poller is not running, i think that cacti is not into the crontab. This is something that should work from start or is part of the client side configuration?

  3. After switching over to user apache and running the poller manually, no errors occured.
    Still cron was showing that it could not switch directories.
    Therefore I looked into the /etc/passwd and found something incredible:


    Now we could easily fix it by creating that path but that doesn't solve the real problem.
    Since we want you to be able to test the system, the path has been created for now and it seems to work.
    Please report back to us if there are more problems.

    In the meantime we will now start inspecting every package of NMS Prime one by one to see where this happens, because it affects the base-install for our virtual machines.
    I tested it with two fresh installs and got the same problem.

  4. Thanks again Robin, everything seams OK now, thanks for the fast response.

    Hope you can detect the origin of the problem.

  5. Hello again everyone, i don´t know if ishould open a new thead but because the problem is similar i will continue here, if you need me to create a new one let me know.

    Well to enter into the subject, i have a recently installed NMS Prime (this time is local on CentOS7 via RPM witout billing) and when i try to start the cacti i get several warnings and recomendations so i can´t finish the install, i have some expirience with cacti so i know how to solve this by modifing the .ini and .cnf files but the problem is that i found the php.ini file that is asociated with the "PHP (Web)" section but not the one asociated with the "PHP (CLI)" section and neither could find the correct my.cnf (i found various files but none seems to be the right one), so can you tell me where can i find those files?

    Additionally i´m gonna add some captures of the mentioned cacti section just in case you want to make some modifications to your RPM installatio, greetings.

    PD: It is normal that "PHP (WEB)" and "PHP (CLI)" have different versions? (as you can see in one of the capture)

  6. Hi Tadeo,

    it is normal that web and cli have different versions. Cacti can run with both 5.4 and 7.x. For the WebGUI we use php7.1 since this is required by icingaweb2 and laravel. We use rh-php71-php-fpm to enable 7.x for the web.

    Most of the red issues you see are just warnings. We run our mysql sever as default as possible. It works fine for us so far. With CentOS8 most of the warnings should be gone. The reason you can't proceed with the installation is the missing timezone. This will be fixed in the next release (see: https://github.com/nmsprime/nmsprime/commit/667d2fd7b4f5ae35c5056132c510ef9c77737964). For now please adjust "date.timezone" in /etc/php.ini and /etc/opt/rh/rh-php71/php.ini.

  7. Thanks Ole, as you said i just modified de /etc/php.ini to add the timezone and i could finish the cacti setup.

  8. Hello Guys! I have the same problems here.. to finish my installtion i don't know how to fix them! If there is any help ( im working on fedora linux as a virtual machine )

  9. Hi,

    do you use Fedora as the system you are installing NMS Prime on? If so, this is not supported. Please use either CentOS 7 or RHEL 7.



  10. Hello Ole.. thanks for replying.. no i should just install cacti on fedora machine

  11. Your main issue is that you don't have your timezone set in the php.ini. You may do so by (see after_install.sh for reference):

    zone=$(timedatectl | grep 'Time zone' | cut -d':' -f2 | cut -d' ' -f2)
    sed "s|^;date.timezone =.*|date.timezone = $zone|" /etc/php.ini

    Afterwards you should be able to continue the wizzard.

  12. i know that i should put my timezone im just confused where im supposed to do it,, i don't find the php.ini folder

  13. It should be in /etc/php.ini. Otherwise you may search for it using:

    sudo find / -type f -name php.ini
  14. i have set my time zone! but still have the same problem! i noticed that it didn't add into mariadb don't knw why :/

  15. I would suggest you aks in a specific Fedora forum, as this seems to be a Fedora issue to me.

    BTW: The date.timezone in /etc/php.ini is still not active, since this line starts with a semicolon (which is used as a comment).