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export and import of .CSV/.XLSX

(english version see below)


ich hätte eine Frage zum Export und Import von .CSV/.XLSX


Wir würden gerne eine Liste aller installierten Modems exportieren, meine Frage wäre ob es möglich ist Datenbankfelder direkt auszuwählen? -Damit meine ich nicht die Spaltensichtbarkeit.


ich würde aktuell gern folgende Datenbankfelder als csv/xlxs ausgeben:

- ModemNr
- CM MAC Adresse
- Konfig-Datei
- Modell
- KundenNr
- Nachname
- WohnungsNr. (aktuell Bezirk)
- speziellen Posten mit dessen Startdatum (kostenloses Leihgerät/ Miete/ Kauf)


Ich hatte vor mehrere Produkte über eine CSV zu importieren, da das Anlegen über CSV schneller geht, das importieren der Datensätze funktioniert bis zur Kontrollabfrage (die die Korrektheit der Daten positiv zurück gibt) vor Import, beim eigentlichen Import „Whoopst“ das Webinterface und bricht den Import ab, was könnte ich nicht bedacht haben/ mache ich falsch?





I have a question about the export and import of .CSV/.XLSX


We would like to export a list of all installed modems, my question is if it is possible to select database fields directly? -I don't mean the column visibility.

For example:

I would like to export the following database fields as csv/xlxs:

- Modem number
- CM MAC address
- Config file
- Model
- Customer number
- Last name
- Apartment no. (currently district)
- special item with its start date (free loan/ rent/ purchase)


I had planned to import several products via CSV, because the creation via CSV is faster, the import of the records works up to the control query (which returns the correctness of the data positively) before import, during the actual import "whoops" the web interface and cancels the import, what could I not have considered/do I do wrong?



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  1. Hi René,

    I'll answer you in english so the potential audience is bigger.

    For now you can only export the columns which are visible. This means you can exclude some columns from being exported by disabling their visibility. Adding new columns requires changing the code. If this is not sufficient you can always use the database to export the fields you want. However you need to do the SQL joins etc. yourself.

    Unfortunately, the import via the WebGUI is broken right now. However, you can use the API to mass import data (products in your case). Please have a look at the code especially on line 104 for adding a product and line 149 ff. for importing data using CSVs.



  2. user-3be3d

    Hi Ole,

    thanks to you already for your quick answer.

    now I know what is currently possible.

    regarding function wishes I will collect some ideas.



  3. For future readers:

    The import functionality was removed from the project. That does not mean it will never come back, but for now it was not working satisfactory and we would like to focus on other features.

    kind regards,