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Glück auf,

we just want to know, how to assing the month, in wich bills are created for certain customers.

Is the only way to configure a cost center for this or is it possible to configure the customers contracts correpondenting to to theire needs?


Team narelic 

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1 Comment

  1. Yes you definitely have to set it in the CostCenter. Then you can select the CostCenter in the Contract or the Product. Let me give you two examples how it works.

    (1) Contracts CostCenter has 'Month to create bill' = 5. All products assigned to that contract (=items (german: Posten)) that do not have a CostCenter assigned will be charged in may.

    (2) Contracts CostCenter has 'Month to create bill' = 5. The customer has 2 yearly charged items. One of that has a CostCenter selected that has 'Month to create bill' = 10. So one item will be charged in may and the other one in october.