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Hello, I am a new user using the NMS Prime platform, the truth is that I am very interested in this application, but I have problems with the following.

I installed NMS Prime in CentOS 7, the entire installation process was successful, I have access to NMS via web, now when I try to install Cacti I have several problems that I share with you.
I send them images where it shows me an alarm with PHP and with MariaDB, and I solved most of the variables by editing the /etc/my.cnf file, there are only 3 variables that do not work for me to apply them in this file that with version, collation_server, character_set_client, With php edit the /etc/php.ini file and change the value of memory_limit to 60 as recommended but the change does not take effect, well if I continue with the installation process when I get to the Binary Locations and Versions option, It gives me a log path error, I add the path, when I try to move forward it says that the path is valid but even if I try to continue the installation it does not happen anymore
Any idea what happens with the installation of Cacti

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  1. Please use the commands described in the documentation, if it doesn't work via the WebGUI: Monitoring setup



  2. Thanks for the support, I just completed the cacti installation successfully