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Canti does not graph
I just installed NMS-Prime but Cacti does not graph me, does anyone know what can happen?

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  1. Hi,

    if you add a modem the graphs should be added automatically (please check if "Enable Automatic Graph Creation" in Settings → General is enabled). For a CMTS you must add the graphs for yourself, since we don't know which interfaces you want to graph. We do provide graph templates for upstreams and downstreams.

    In order to do this go to the CMTS in cacti and click on "Create Graphs for this Device". There, you see two lists. The first is for upstreams, the second for downstreams. Add the interfaces you would like to graph (see attached image, where 4 upstreams and 4 downstreams have been added).



  2. I want to mention the following, install Cacti version 1.2.2 on an independent Server and if it works, it collects the SNMP data and generates graphics for me, now the version of Cacti that was installed NMS is version 1.2.3 and something that I noticed It does not have In / Out Bit 64 Bit Couters, it is configured to generate graphics automatically, I have generated different graphics but it does not show me monitoring info

    This is a graph of a CMTS Port Giga and it does not graph anything

  3. Maybe cacti is not scheduled regularly. Can you please post the output of:

    cat /etc/cron.d/cacti*

    You may also check the logfile for errors: /var/log/cacti/cacti.log